Side Effect of Vaccines

To begin to answer the question of ‘Side Effects of Vaccines’, I’d like to address the statement often put to me:  ‘Didn’t vaccines end Smallpox? If so, why are you not endorsing them…all of those available? Including the Covid Vaccine?’ I’d like to draw your attention to an excellent article published by The Epoch Times (and you really should subscribe to this unbiased news).

In the article “Did the Vaccine Eradicate Smallpox?” from The Epoch Times, there’s a fascinating exploration of the history and effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine. It discusses:

Outbreaks Despite Vaccination: Mentions instances in the US, Europe, and Japan where smallpox outbreaks occurred even in highly vaccinated populations. In fact a quote from the article says …’In search of evidence that smallpox vaccination plays a direct role in eradicating the smallpox waves, we found quite a few examples showing that the waves of smallpox seen throughout history were even more severe after a massive vaccination program.’

Read the full article Here

Effectiveness of the Vaccine: The article questions the efficacy of the smallpox vaccine, considering the complexities of human immunity and the methods used for vaccination. They go into a great discussion of the 5 Barriers to Infection of the Human Immune System. Something we all need to understand.

Eradication Narrative: It challenges the widely accepted view that the vaccine was solely responsible for eradicating smallpox, suggesting a more nuanced story.

For further information and knowledge, I highly recommend Dr. Susan Humphries’ book: ‘Dissolving Illusions”. Especially if you have an infant…make sure to read this before you commit to ruining their tender immune systems!

dissolving illusions, vaccines did NOT rid us of disease

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Side Effects Of the Covid Vaccine

Here is a video you absolutely need to watch. A group of distinguished Japanese researchers took a hard look at the numbers of Serious Adverse Effects (SAE) of the supposed ‘life-saving’ (lie) vaccine. You will be astounded at what they found!  They plan to release further reports based on their findings.

Watch this!

If you have trouble playing that back, you can watch from my site here:


Finally! Just published on Jan 24/24 in one of the most prestigious medical journals of all time – Pub Med., a truthful article on the Serious Adverse Effects of the Covid Vaccine! This is OUTSTANDING!

Click/Tap on the image or here to read. Do it before someone takes it down!


Critical Vaccine Info – Adverse Events

Heath Consequences Of The Covid Vaccine:

I mentioned in my last page here that I would list some unpaid-for actual science on the adverse effects of the vaccine. I and many, many of my colleagues are helping people daily to overcome the health consequences they are experiencing since being jabbed.

This is the best website right now to hear Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s presentations on the truth behind this pandemic and actual testimony from hundreds of experts: doctors, immunologists, virologists, lawyers, etc testify how this virus is a simple coronavirus, which has been with mankind for some 24,000 years and not the evil killer it has been made out to be. Even the CDC and WHO have admitted it has a 99.9% cure rate, so what is going on??

The best thing to do would be to listen to Fuellmich’s talks on each day, and you will totally be educated.

But one thing that sticks out to me is that he said this whole pandemic could not have happened without numbers. They had to convince people that this innocuous virus was in fact killing people by the droves, and install fear and anxiety in the population to get the world to comply.

So a Dr. Drosten in Germany came up with the plan to use the PCR test. That stands for polymerase chain reaction, which in essence takes elements which the naked eye can’t see and join them together so they are large enough to be studied. A great advantage in a lab, but means nothing as far as deciding infection or rate of infection or even how much infection any person has. Kary Mullis PhD who invented the test (and won a Nobel Prize for it) is quoted and on video as expressly saying, it can NOT tell you anything about infection. That is not its job! But Drosten insisted he had slightly altered it so it could. Which was an outright lie. 

The rest is history, he convinced the WHO to use the PCR test and they declared the rest of the world should too, an so it was.

Here is Dr. Fuellmich’s day of reporting on the PCR test and how much of a huge lie it was/is..

It is long, but well worth it to inform yourself.

I know there are at least 30% of the population who will never believe that the vaccine is riddled with problems and negative health consequences. That’s fine. This is, or should be about choice, so you can believe what you want.

We know there are about 40% of people who are more ‘sitting on the fence’…not sure what to believe as the real science starts to ebb out of the shadows that governments and Big Pharma has tried to keep it. And the final 30% are following the real science and doctors who have watched their patients over the past two years, doing actual lab tests and seeing many of them become intolerably ill or even die.

Lawyer Tom Benz On What’s Happening To The Military

Attorney Tom Renz made worldwide headlines after disclosing explosive data from the Department of Defense DMED database at Senator Ron Johnson’s Second Opinion Hearing. DMED is the official database of the 1.4M active duty DoD servicemen. See the full article Here

What he’s reporting on is the shocking increase in various medical conditions after the military were mandated to take the mRNA vaccine. Here’s the list:

These results are intolerable and criminal. On that page, you can also watch videos of the presentation and an interview with Tom Renz.

Mainstream media or legacy media would have you believe that the vaccines are well tested, effective and safe. Well, the sad news is…they are NOT!  The FDA in the US asked for Pfizer’s research results and they wanted 75 years to present it!! But to their credit, the FDA said nope and demanded 55,000 pages per month. (Again Pfizer tried to only give 500 pages, but the FDA was firm). 

Here is the site where you can read all of those papers. You’re not going to believe how many injuries and deaths occurred, which they knew about, an yet still pushed their vaccine. These papers are only from December 2020 to February 2021! We have so much more to see. Look here at the site  Once there, click on Pfizer Documents.

I’ve already set up a page to inform you about how you can help regain your immunity post-vaxx here

Here is the download to the most important paper, the one which lists all the adverse events starting on page 9 and then from page 30 to the end, the horrific list of health ailments the vaccines cause. Document here

Because of the adverse events in a report, only three months old, there is a lot of talk going on on the internet. Look for videos by Dr. Rober Malone, Dr. Paul Anderson, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Roger Hodkinson, etc. BUT don’t search on Google, it’s so censored now. Use DuckDuckGo and Brave as your browser. You’ll see much better results.

Here’s is one of Dr. Hodkinson’s latest videos:

And that just about sums the whole scam up.

Another quick video is Dr Cole’s opinion of the jabs:

And for a tongue-in-cheek take on Klaus Schwab and what is actually happening behind the scenes, you have to love JP Sears. The thing is, all he’s saying is true. Have a watch:

Places to Subscribe and Learn More:

I’d like to list a few places you can subscribe to, to keep up on real reporting about this so called pandemic and more importantly, the jab. So here are a few of my trusted ones:

The Vigilant Fox: They publish very good videos every day if you subscribe here  

This link will take you to their channel at Rumble and from there you can also follow them on Twitter, Telegram Gettr and Truthsocial

Dr Trozzi: He has a great site, with up-to-date info on all things covid. You can subscribe to his daily email there, which I find really good.

This gal at:  updates her blog everyday with very good videos.

The Defender: Children’s Health Defense by Robert F Kennedy Jr.

I know main stream media gives him a rough time, but in fact he’s one of the few who actually are brave enough to print the truth.  Don’t forget, many media networks are ultimately owned by Blackrock or Vanguard, the two largest corporations in the world. Both tied to the World Economic Forum, headed by Klaus Schwab.  And that’s another huge story, which JP Sears talks about in the above video and  I’ll talk about next time.

Don’t forget to check the previous page out to help yourself and your family/friends recover from this heinous shot. It’s here

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