e-Lybra For Pets


E-Lybra Testing for Pets

As described in my article about E-Lybra testing, I thought I’d just make it a little more clear why this method is SO effective for pets.

All life forms have bioresonance. A specific set of vibrations or frequencies, if you will.  And in health, these energetics resonant in a very specific way, right down the the very core of the energy molecules of every cell and every structure within all the trillions of cells in a person or pet. 

The E-Lybra, which I use to test and heal patients, is a bioresonance unit which can institute a true conscious interactive exchange between the consciousness of a life form and itself.  We know that individual parts of the human and animal body resonate with specific combinations of frequencies and patterns of energy.

Research done by the developers of the E-Lybra have found that frequencies alone are only a partial answer in the quest for finding an interface with the bio-field or energies of the patient.  They have discovered that a key function in the movement of energy in the bio-field is to do with consciousness rather than just a traditional ‘hard wired’ frequency (hertz).

Much research over the last 50 years has concentrated on finding direct frequencies, generated from an electronic frequency generator, and matching them up with the response of specific organs and structures within the body of the person or animal. Although this traditional frequency research has contributed a greater understanding in the workings of the human and animal body, it is a bit of a “scatter gun” approach that deals with a physical Newtonian dogma rather than a holistic viewpoint. The holistic viewpoint encompasses the subtle energy anatomy including meridians, chakras, distinct subtle energy fields within the bio-field, negative emotional charges, emotional and physical trauma as well as the physical body.

The key to understanding what the bio-field requires comes through the bi-directional communication with the body’s consciousness itself.

The consciousness of the patient is autonomous (i.e. in control) in the process of responding to bioresonance patterns.  The E-Lybra is an interface which communicates with the body’s conscious and allows for, via this technology, to present patterns from the Resonance Pattern Matrix to the recipient’s holistic bio-field and receive bio-feedback.

This consciousness contained within the bio-field is so incredibly advanced, that it is hard to imagine why any person or animal suffers from disease in this day and age.  The answer lies in the ability to ask the patient’s consciousness the right question and understand the answer.

There are indigenous cultures in different countries that still possess knowledge and understanding about the bio-field and consciousness itself that have been passed down for thousands of years.  Some of these cultures have developed techniques and methods of interfacing with the bio-field, which are far beyond that is accepted in the west.

Regardless of which ‘camp’ the researchers are in, they all strive to achieve a change in the bio-field by externally stimulating it and then observing a change in the physical.  Many bioresonance equipments can deliver an assortment of frequencies/patterns that include everything from frequencies (electronically generated), vibrational patterns from herbs, plants, crystals, flower essences, minerals and aromatherapy oils, homeopathy, as well as colour, sound and many other frequency/patterns.

The E-Lybra though, does more.  It seeks to find imbalances in the bio-field and through it’s proprietary interface, correct the imbalances in the energy field, once found!

In addition, their latest research recognizes that bioresonance can play a part in changing the way the epigenetic layer of the DNA express itself.  This is done by reinstating the energetic component of the original blueprint of the DNA and by balancing the environmental/social conditioning that surrounds it.

Adaptive Behaviour

Adaptive behaviour is a safety mechanism created by the brain to block out trauma and shock as and when it occurs.  The trauma and shock is encapsulated and hidden to protect the brain from continually activating the fight or flight mechanism. (Hans Selyve)  Failure to encapsulate the trauma and shock would cause severe damage to the nervous system in the body.  The down side of encapsulating these traumas and hiding them is that the brain will adapt around these traumas as if they did not exist.

However, every trauma causes a chemical imbalance in the body which may eventually lead to an imbalance in the pathology around the area of the trauma or area connected to that trauma.  The E-Lybra bioresonance technology can change adaptive behaviour by safely releasing traumas that have been trapped within the person or animal by matching the exact resonance that holds the emotional charges.  One trauma can be held in many places within the one patient and have multiple emotional charges in different parts of the body attached to them.

This is of particular importance to rescue pets and they can’t tell us their history, but have often suffered all kinds of emotional and physical trauma.

Bio-resonance can be used to help bring to the surface the awareness of pre-programming from social conditions, emotional attitudes and spiritual beliefs correcting imbalances relating to these conditions, helping the body to release them.

Further E-Lybra research shows that many imbalances in the bio-field come from environmental factors that includes toxic loading from chemicals, social conditioning, emotional attitudes and beliefs. Bioresonance has a good track record in successfully detoxifying a whole range of chemicals including heavy metals, poisons and drugs. Different names are given to this process such as phase cancellation of a substance, frequency inversion of a substance and others, and they all respond in a similar way by using sympathetic resonance that helps the body eliminate these substances through the normal body channels.

With pets, of course, often the exact cause of unwellness is not known, as they can’t tell us their symptoms.  E-Lybra is able to find the energetic imbalances and correct them in a safe natural way. The energetic remedy which is made from the results of the testing is easy to give to your furry buddy, as it has no flavour.

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