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Holistic Practitioner in Huntsville, Ontario Canada..aka Muskoka

I have been in practice for 43 years. The pages in this site represent information I have accumulated over these years and the constant updating I do to keep current in the world of alternative medicine. In my opinion, a practitioner has the unmitigated responsibility to keep up with “state-of-the-art” information, which he or she can then offer their patients.

I am a retired Chiropractor, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Homeopath (British Institute) and hold a Master’s degree in Nutrition/Human Biochem., practising in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada..also in the cottage country of Ontario called Muskoka

I have practiced in sole practice, with physicians and with amalgam-free dentists. I have written and continue to write for health journals such as Alive and Health Naturally in Canada and several journals in the U.S.A. I was past Vice-President of NUPATH, an organization of professionally trained homeopaths in Canada, member of the International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Ontario Chiropractic Assoc., Canadian Chiropractic Assoc, Occidental Research Foundation in B.C., Canada, The Council on Nutrition of the American Chiropractic Assoc. I have spoken at the Vancouver Health Expo and the Toronto Health Show, many television programmes, radio shows, hosted my own radio show “Dr. Deb Live”  across Canada and the US…and spoken at media conferences on behalf of the Canadians for Mercury Relief, the body of individuals who launched the Class Action suit against the Canadian Government and Amalgam manufacturers in March, 1998, which still ongoing and will change medical history.

Over the past 30 years I have specialized in mercury detoxification, post-amalgam removal for literally thousands of patients with incredible results. Everything I do is based in science, the knowledge of the biochemistry and physiology of the human and how that needs adjusting in different syndromes. I have seen so many things and now finally after all this time have the respect of human function and emotion to help even the most ill of people.

On this site, I offer you a free newsletter simply because I believe people need to know… need information…need help. I also will tell you the herbal remedies/homeopathic remedies/vitamins/supplements I have come to trust for my patients after all these years of practice and now know to work. Take the information from this site…in hopes it helps you. I will be updating on a regular basis, so please visit often or sign up on the form on the upper right to be notified of new information as I post it.

Obtain your supplements wherever is convenient for you, at your health practitioner or trusted health store. I just make suggestions here for facilitation sake…for those who cannot find support out there or have no access to large stores with the quality of stock I would insist on for my patients. I particularly support the use of products by Douglas Labs,  Naturpharm, Metagenics, Pure Encapsulations and St. Francis Herbs.

I have set up three online stores, with permanent discounts for my patients and readers The two Metagenics stores have 20% discounts:

Metagenics Canada: https://drdeborahbaker.com/store

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Fullscript – For Canadians: https://drdeborahbaker.com/dispensary

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These have a permanent 15% discount.

You’ll just need to go to the front of either of the Fullscript sites and make an account for yourself, then you can go in and shop.

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I truly hope the information I provide helps you in your search for health.


Dr. Deb Baker