New Fruit/Vegetable Coating – Apeel Sciences..Make Your Food More Appealing?? Don’t Be Duped.

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If you see this label on your food and produce…..RUN!

Apeel is a food coating technology developed by Apeel Sciences, a California-based company. The coating is made from plant-derived materials and is designed to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. It forms a protective layer around the produce, reducing water loss and slowing down the natural process of decay.

Well, that all sounds quite lovely, doesn’t it? But, let’s look more closely at this. After all its supported by the Melinda and Bill Gates foundation, which should make your yellow alerts go off instantaneously.’s being put on organic foods, so you can’t trust the ‘organic’ label anymore. Ugh.

Let’s look at the first problem. They are saying it’s ‘plant-based’ which for most people would make them feel fine about it. But remember…petroleum is plant-based. It’s also the source of all plastics, and we all know how well that worked!

So this coating is supposedly made of mono and diglycerides…which are (fat based sugars) which are the go-to replacement for deadly trans fats and a food industry staple that helps keep oil and fat from separating. In fact it’s a byproduct of oil processing, including partially hydrogenated canola and soybean oils, neither of which are ‘good’ fats. This additive is a byproduct of oil processing which contains artificial trans fat – a very dangerous food ingredient known to cause coronary heart disease and linked to some 50,000 fatal heart attacks per year in the U.S. alone.

Just a note here, the FDA in 2016 finally acknowledged that trans fats a not safe, but…changed their labeling to mono and diglycerides to fit their agenda. Gee, who would have thought???

Can you wash it off? Nope! You might scrub a bit off, but definitely not all without damaging the fruit or vegetable. Apeel forms a barrier to keep water in and ‘freshness’ in, so it would be useless if it could be washed off. Great. (Insert eye-roll here.)

Some of the concerns people have raised:

1. Environmental impact: Some argue that Apeel’s widespread use could contribute to an increase in single-use plastic waste. This is because Apeel coatings are often applied to individual fruits and vegetables, leading to additional packaging.

2. Organic certification: Apeel has faced criticism from organic farmers and organizations who claim that its use could compromise the integrity of organic produce. There are concerns that the coating could hinder the natural exchange of gases and moisture that occurs in fresh produce, potentially affecting their organic status. Note here…they are managing to get around ‘organic’ rules and adding it to organic produce.

3. Market consolidation: There have been concerns about the concentration of power in the food industry, as Apeel has secured partnerships with major retailers and produce suppliers. Critics argue that such consolidation may limit choices for consumers and smaller-scale farmers.

You’ll find Apeel products in places like Costco, Trader Joes, Gelsons, Ralphs, Sprouts, Vons, Walmart, Whole Foods, Kroger, Harps Foods, Wakefern brand stores including Price Right, Fairway Market, Target, Bristol Farms and more. Some of the produce companies using Apeel are Topline, Index Fresh, Calve, Del Monte, West Park, Horton Fruit Co, Del Ray Avocado, Natures Pride and more.

As for the supporters and proponents of Apeel, the company has gained significant backing from various organizations, including:

1. Investors: Apeel Sciences has received substantial investments from prominent entities, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Andreessen Horowitz, and the Rockefeller Foundation.

2. Retailers and suppliers: Apeel has formed partnerships with major retailers and produce suppliers, such as Kroger, Walmart, and Del Monte (see above). These companies have shown support for Apeel’s technology and have integrated it into their supply chains.

It’s well known that with time a produce’s nutrition value drops. So will you be able to tell how old your food is? Nope. Look at these images of a 31 day old avocado, with and without Apeel. Is that what you want to eat? I seriously doubt it!

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