Side Effect of Vaccines

To begin to answer the question of ‘Side Effects of Vaccines’, I’d like to address the statement often put to me:  ‘Didn’t vaccines end Smallpox? If so, why are you not endorsing them…all of those available? Including the Covid Vaccine?’ I’d like to draw your attention to an excellent article published by The Epoch Times (and you really should subscribe to this unbiased news).

In the article “Did the Vaccine Eradicate Smallpox?” from The Epoch Times, there’s a fascinating exploration of the history and effectiveness of the smallpox vaccine. It discusses:

Outbreaks Despite Vaccination: Mentions instances in the US, Europe, and Japan where smallpox outbreaks occurred even in highly vaccinated populations. In fact a quote from the article says …’In search of evidence that smallpox vaccination plays a direct role in eradicating the smallpox waves, we found quite a few examples showing that the waves of smallpox seen throughout history were even more severe after a massive vaccination program.’

Read the full article Here

Effectiveness of the Vaccine: The article questions the efficacy of the smallpox vaccine, considering the complexities of human immunity and the methods used for vaccination. They go into a great discussion of the 5 Barriers to Infection of the Human Immune System. Something we all need to understand.

Eradication Narrative: It challenges the widely accepted view that the vaccine was solely responsible for eradicating smallpox, suggesting a more nuanced story.

For further information and knowledge, I highly recommend Dr. Susan Humphries’ book: ‘Dissolving Illusions”. Especially if you have an infant…make sure to read this before you commit to ruining their tender immune systems!

dissolving illusions, vaccines did NOT rid us of disease

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Side Effects Of the Covid Vaccine

Here is a video you absolutely need to watch. A group of distinguished Japanese researchers took a hard look at the numbers of Serious Adverse Effects (SAE) of the supposed ‘life-saving’ (lie) vaccine. You will be astounded at what they found!  They plan to release further reports based on their findings.

Watch this!

If you have trouble playing that back, you can watch from my site here:


Finally! Just published on Jan 24/24 in one of the most prestigious medical journals of all time – Pub Med., a truthful article on the Serious Adverse Effects of the Covid Vaccine! This is OUTSTANDING!

Click/Tap on the image or here to read. Do it before someone takes it down!


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