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Vaccines – Why I Don’t Trust Them

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Vaccines disrupt the whole immune system, leaving you far more susceptible to other diseases. Let me explain… The innate immune system was developed to provide the you with an immediate response. The natural immune system is composed of three portions; the first line of defense is the mucous membranes of the respiratory, digestive, urinary and […]


Medicinal Mushrooms

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 I  personally love mushrooms. Not so much the standard white button mushrooms available on grocery store shelves , I’m talking superfood mushrooms. The kind that grow in deep, dense forests and on fallen logs and trees. While the rest of the world has taken some time to warm up to these superfood, adaptogenic mushrooms, thankfully the […]

Healing Food

Benefits of Lemons

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The most powerful healing substances on this planet are masquerading as foods, and this is all the more true for fruits.  We’ve already written about The Amazing Healing Properties of 13 Common Fruits , including lemons, but it deserves its own article for a number of reasons. Here are 12 reasons why it deserves respect […]