Metagenics Stores


Over my 40 years of practice, I've continually been asked which supplements I favour and where people can get them at a reasonable cost.  Well, I've done it!  I tend to use less supplements and more remedies, tinctures, mushroom extracts and organic food now (they all address the true energetics of health), but there are times when supplementation is very helpful.

As I do most of my consulting with Canadian or American patients, I've arranged two stores: one in Canadian dollars and one in U.S. funds.  For both stores, I've arranged a 20% permanent discount, meaning you can use it anytime, all the time, by using the coupon code fam20 at your checkout.  

Here are the links to the two stores:


U.S. Store

Obviously, purchase your supplements where ever you like. I've provided this for ease and good prices.  Enjoy!


Dr. Deb